Guest Blog: “Winter in Ferry County” from The Journey Girl

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Looking for a little winter inspiration for your next outing to the Republic area? Let our local resident – the Journey Girl, Karen Giebel – share her adventures with you!

Karen Giebel Skiing the Rail Trail

Karen Giebel Skiing the Rail Trail

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An excerpt from the blog:

“We’re not reclusive. Oh no, not at all! We venture out on a regular basis to enjoy what winter has brought. From our back door, we can hike, snow shoe, x-country ski and even ice skate on the lake. When those of us who are year round residents pass each other silently on a wooded trail, we nod and give each other a knowing look. We chose this life. We embrace the quiet time. We’re not summer visitors here for vacations in these glorious mountains, though we welcome them with open arms. No. This is the life we chose. All four seasons and Winter is just as special as all the others.”

May your winter be full of adventures!