Come visit Stonerose’s 48-million-year-old fossil beds!

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Stonerose is the name of a fossil site, a place where impressions of plants, insects, and fish that lived millions of years ago can be found in shale. These fossils are the result of events that happened long before there were people to observe them.

The organisms found at Stonerose lived nearly 50 million years ago, in a time known as the Eocene Epoch. At that time, the area now occupied by the City of Republic was part of an ancient lake. Over many years, layers of sediment built up on the lakebed. Much of this material was powdery ash from volcanic activity occurring in the area.

The public is welcome to visit Stonerose and search for fossils in our Eocene fossil beds. At the time of your visit, the Stonerose staff will explain our rules for digging and how to find fossils. After showing all your finds to the staff for identification, you may keep three fossils per day.

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